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Partners and Sponsors

We are so grateful to be sponsored by such wonderful organisations as they allow us to make a huge difference on a daily basis.

If you want to help ucreate more smiles across the neurodiverse community, become a sponsor today.

How can I sponsor AP Cymru?

Become an AP Cymru Partner

Becoming a partner of AP Cymru will support you and your colleagues to play a part in removing societal barriers to neurodivergent individuals reaching their full potential and playing an active part in Welsh/UK society.

 The Partnerships team will help you to fundraise creatively and engage in inspiring volunteering opportunities, to show you the impact of your support.

Corporate supporters of AP Cymru give more than just money. Their time, energy and expertise can support neurodiverse children, young people, and their families in many ways.

If you are a business owner or a senior colleague at your organisation and would like to develop a long-term partnership, please contact

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