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About Us

AP Cymru provide bespoke projects and services before, during and following diagnosis of neurodiverse conditions.

By pooling together our lived experience, we provide a warm, friendly, and nurturing community.

The majority of our staff are Neurodiverse and are parents to Neurodiverse children, so we are able to provide well-rounded, positive, and understanding services just for you.

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Our Mission

A Neuro-Inclusive Wales and Beyond

AP Cymru are striving to create a neuro-inclusive world for children, young people and their families by providing a toolkit of guidance, knowledge and understanding of neurodiversity through authentic lived-experience.

Embrace Your Diversity

Support Your Peers

Find Your Neurokin

Founded in



Supported Families



How AP Cymru began...

Karen Mills AP Cymru

I can't wait to meet you x

Karen Mills

Charity Founder & Director

Karen started the charity in 2008 following the diagnosis of her youngest son. In 2010, her eldest son received his diagnosis and then in 2018 she received her own autism diagnosis. Since then, she has been the driving force behind the charity whilst still maintaining the personal, family-like feeling which our AP families know and love. 

Karen has extensive knowledge of autism and related conditions, both professionally and personally and along with Team AP attends a variety of training and workshops to further their development and understanding.  


Since the beginning, Karen has been involved with thousands of neurodiverse people and their families. She is hugely proud of the fantastic diverse team that provide the Charity service on a daily basis. 

We are a proud team helping families in any way that we can. We greatly appreciate any support you can give to help AP Cymru grow.

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