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The Neurodiversity Charity

Creating Opportunities


Difference Since 2008


Our Mission

A Neuro-Inclusive Wales and Beyond

AP Cymru are striving to create a neuro-inclusive world for children, young people and their families by providing a toolkit of guidance, knowledge and understanding of neurodiversity through authentic lived-experience.

Embrace Your Diversity

Support Your Peers

Find Your Neurokin

When you join the AP Cymru family, you get exclusive access to the following...

Training and Workshops

The gateway to

Neuroinclusion through authentic lived experience

This is the foundational step in creating a neuroinclusive culture. By educating individuals about neurodiversity and its various manifestations (e.g. autism, ADHD, dyslexia), you're helping people understand that neurological differences are a natural part of human diversity.

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Our Sponsors

We are so grateful to be sponsored by such wonderful organisations as they allow us to make a huge difference on a daily basis.

If you want to help ucreate more smiles across the neurodiverse community, please become a sponsor today.

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